Message from the iMNEs President

Message from the iMNEs President

Dear MNE community

We are very sad that we cannot meet with each other this year for our well-appreciated conference. The organizing team had to take a tough decision when canceling the event. Unfortunately, the reality of today proofs them right. I thank the organizers for all the efforts they have put into MNE 2020. Lucky enough it will be not for nothing, as you will learn later.

For now, let’s look ahead: The International Micro and Nano Engineering Society iMNEs is happy to announce the upcoming conference MNE 2021 in Torino (Italy), which will take place from September 20 until September 23 2021 at the Lingotto Congress Center. In case of an ongoing pandemic, we will organize a web-based event. So please mark your calendars.

In breaking with our tradition of announcing only one conference at the time, I am also informing you that the conference of 2022 will be held in Belgium, catching up with what we miss this year. You may have already heard about that from the local organizers.

I am looking forward welcoming you all in Torino in September 2021!

Urs Staufer, President of iMNEs